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Safe Efficient Insulation Knife Systems for the Insulation Engineer

    • Developed at the request of a leading UK construction contractor to determine a best practice working system for the insulation engineer.


    • Developed to eliminate the current use of domestic kitchen knives being kept unsheathed in waistbands or pockets whilst working, and acts as a safeguard to other personnel.


    • Developed for the efficiency and safety of the insulation engineer whilst working overhead or within a confined location.


  • Developed to provide a recognisable industry standard insulation tool combining the highest levels of safety and performance.
Non slip grip with forward finger protection for safer use
Fitted with an adjustable holster belt for comfortable working.
New improved lanyard system to prevent the insulation knife from being dropped when working at height.
Safeblade insulation knife has a rounded end to help prevent stabbing injuries.




* The Safeblade holster is designed with a unique automatic locking plate which helps prevent the knives from slipping out of the holster.
*Durable casing protects operative from injury from blade when bending, reaching, or in the event of a trip or fall.
*Safer retrieval from tool bag with blade housed in holster.

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