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Safeblade Insulation Knife (10″ blade)

£14.50 + Vat

The large Safeblade 10″ knife is the perfect tool for the insulation engineer. The serrated steel blade easily cuts through insulation products quickly and precisely. The etched blade speeds up your work flow whilst the robust handle will remain comfortable all day long. With its numerous safety features and being TICA endorsed the Safeblade has become the accepted standard lagging knife on sites in the UK and around the world .


The large Safeblade 10″ insulation knife has an extremely sharp serrated steel blade for easily cutting insulation products including Rockwool and increases the speed and efficiency of the insulation engineer. It’s many safety features ensure it is the lagging knife of choice in the insulation and fire stopping industries.
The rounded tip minimizes the chance of stabbing injury to the operative. The sturdy grip has forward finger protection and a steel inset ring for attaching a safety lanyard when working at height.
The Safeblade large insulation knife has been designed to be part of the Safeblade System which has become the accepted industry standard in the UK and around the world.

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