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Safeblade 1 Insulation Knife System

£27.99 + Vat

The Safeblade 1 insulation knife system has been developed for fast, efficient and comfortable cutting and shaping of insulation products whilst maintaining the highest levels of safety possible. Endorsed by TICA, Safeblade is accepted on construction sites and industrial plants around the globe as the industry best practice solution. The Safeblade System is the essential tool of the serious insulation operative.

Safeblade 10″ Insulation Knife
Locking Safety Holster


The Safeblade 1 System is the tool of choice for the professional insulation operative or lagger. System includes:

Large 10″ Safeblade Knife – Sharp, long, serrated steel blade easily cuts through insulation products. Rounded tip prevents stabbing injury. An etched scale on the blade (in centimetres) speeds up workflow and increases accuracy. Robust grip is comfortable with forward finger protection. Built in steel ring for attachment of lanyard when required.
Safety Holster – Funnel necked, easily located holster for safe stowing of knives when not in use. The locking device within the holster safely grips the knife in the holster until required.
Belt – Attach the whole system quickly, comfortably and safely.
Lanyard – Adds an extra layer of safety particularly when working at height.

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